Inclusão e Acessibilidade no Cinema para Surdos: proposta de Festival de Cinema Surdo Português


Cinema mudo
Cinema para surdos
Línguagem Gestual Portuguesa
Escolas Bilíngues para Surdos



The realization of human aptitude for linguistics construction was a decisive step for the legitimization of sign language. The possibility of registration of this visio-spacial language - provided by cinema - was a huge contribution to the dissemination of deaf culture. The early years of the cinematographic industry, marked by silent films, provided total inclusion to these minorities. The setback happens with the introduction of sound and since then deaf culture is poorly represented in cinematography. Portugal has a very limited number of productions (only four) with characteristics of accessibility: descriptive subtitling for the deaf and deafened, and/or translated into sign language. Portuguese law only regulates the television operators not covering film production companies. The low volume of deaf cinema production and the poor circulation of these films lead to the proposal of a Portuguese Film Festival of Deaf Cinema.
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