Plataformas de creación colaborativa en el audiovisual.
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Different platforms of collaborative work oriented to the audiovisual have proliferated in the last ten years, offering solutions for diverse problems of the creation; from the help to the search of financing, networking, talent search, script reading, among others, they are announced like options only for professionals. The platforms try to break through as a globalized collaborative creation alternative, in a more horizontal side, within the already very vertical and even dictatorial film industry. In addition, a distinction is made between the concepts of collaborative, collective and participatory creation, in order to arrive at a definition of what are the types of platforms on which the article focuses. Thanks to interviews with representatives of the Nerdeo, Filmarket Hub and Frameio platforms, we will learn about project data made by managing the platforms and how they interact with the agents present in the audiovisual creation chain.
PDF (Español (España))
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