Moda Vestra - um espetáculo de cinema ao vivo sobre o Algarve.


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Cinema ao Vivo
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Moda Vestra



“Moda Vestra” is a collective of artists from the Algarve, who perform visuals and music in real-time. They play classical instruments like accordion and bass guitar, and use computer softwares and interfaces for the electronic music and live visuals. We define this language as Live Cinema. Live because both musicians and visual artist are performing in real-time, and cinema because there is a story to tell the audience, using images in movement with sound.
This article has two main objectives. First is to draw a state of the art related to this phenomenon known as Live Cinema, that crosses with genres such as audiovisual performance and concepts such as real-time. The second aims to analyse the concept, the morphology and the work’s methodology of “Moda Vestra collective. Which also became a phenomenon because of their alternative way of telling stories from a stage.
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