Menswear, a fashion trend for women in the 1970s (How sociopolitical events of the 1970’s result in the projection of menswear for women in the movie Annie Hall)
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Annie Hall



Fashion of the twentieth century beginning from “The Belle Époque” in 1900, and closing the period by the minimalistic style of the nineties, is divided into decades to better study the most dominant style of each. In this essay the sociopolitical events of the 1970s, the achievements of the feminism movements, and cultural confines set before genders had been under focus to determine the influence of the current events in the community on fashion. In parallel to this impressible aspect, fashion has a mutual relationship with cinema. In this survey the effort was to clarify the influential traffic among three angles of Cinema, Fashion and Society, concentrated on the Woody Allen’s 1977 movie, Annie Hall as the case for study. The aim here was to describe how this movie having an overall soul of the fashion throughout the decade could initiate a new style by taking its core ideas from the ground ongoing social flows.
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