Capítulo III _ Cinema - Comunicação

A verdade da direita: a produção audiovisual de memória sobre a ditadura de 1964.

Mônica Mourão
ESPM Rio, Brasil
N.º 10 (2019)
Publicado 2019-10-14


This paper aims to understand memory operations made by Brasil Paralelo (Parallel Brazil) to construct a positive imaginary of Brazilian military dictatorship (1964-1985) as a strategy in nowadays politics. Brasil Paralelo is an independent media, in their own words. It was created in 2016, the year President Dilma Rousseff was impeached. According to their creators, Brasil Paralelo is not an enterprise or an NGO. It does not accept public money and it’s sustained by people’s donation. On March 31, the documentary “1964, o Brasil entre armas e livros” (“1964, Brazil among guns and books”) was realesed, exactly in the military coup anniversary. This paper is going to analyze it, aiming to understand the role of right-wing audiovisual productions in the disputes of Brazilian memory concerning the military dictatorship.

Palavras-chave Verdade, Narrativa, Memória, Ditadura Brasileira, Produção Audiovisual de Direita.
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