Suspensão narrativa e fluxo temporal. A experiência musical em Tatuagem (2013), de Hilton Lacerda.


Cena Musical
Linguagem Cinematográfica
Música para Cinema


The cinematographic production in the city of Recife, in the northeast of Brazil, outlines a dramaturgy that coexists with the musical and cultural scene effervescence that emerged in the city, since its revival in the 90’s. Contemporary cinema deliberately explores the mimicry of music in its narrative films when appropriating certain songs, materializing them in sequences of musical interpretation, whose function is the suspension of the narrative. Based on the premise that cinema is organized as a system of languages, inserted within a socio-cultural context, our aim is to investigate the articulating role of music in the local cinema from the analysis of sound/visual procedures in the narrative construction of the film Tattoo (2013), by Hilton Lacerda, in which the manipulation of cinematic texture intensifies the sensitive musical experience.
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