Roma y Netflix: ganando premios y rompiendo reglas.
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Five years after his International consecration in the 86th American Motion Picture Academy awards, in which his film ‘Gravity’ rose with 7 Oscar awards, Mexican filmaker Alfonso Cuarón keeps gaining atention and winning prizes with his new movie ‘Roma’.
Shooted entirely in Mexico, the 8th movie of this Mexico City born and raised filmaker is much more that a return to his homeland, it has become an innovative case, critic and distribution wise, that deserves analysis.
Heightened within a context in which cinema produced in Mexico has a complicated distribution and a nearly impossible exhibition conditions (only half of the over 150 local industry produced pictures are shown in theatres), Roma commercial release has been, to say the less, successful, a paradox and certainly unique, being on Netflix as its main distribution platform.
Winner of three Oscar awards this past February (Best Foreign Language film, Best Director, Best cinematography) with 10 nominations, and winner of Best Picture at the British BAFTA awards, and laurate of prestigious film festivals as Venice, Roma is financed by Netflix and with a distribution contract on this streaming platform, that has confronted two business models that is changing the industry irretrievably.
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