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ASOMROF: A Transmedia Project of Sci-Fi Content Inspied by the Local Ethnic History for Technology Art Works

Yen-Jung Chang
Department of Graphic Arts and Communications, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Hsin-Chien Huang
Department of Design, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Yuting Hsueh
Department of Design, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan


This communication depicts the evolution and transmedia of science fiction content inspired by the immigration and land reclamation history of early Hakka people who arrived in Taiwan from China in the 17th century for technology art works, including a dancing performance that combines virtual and real dancers in real-time, as well as an augmented reality exhibition. For early determined cooperation, the project was set to be related to Hakka culture. The Hakka are one of two major ethnic groups of Han Chinese immigrants who arrived in Taiwan around the 17th century, after the Hokkien, the other major ethnic group of Han Chinese. The history of Hakka immigration and reclamation, as well as the conflict between Hakka, Hokkien, and indigenous people in Taiwan, were found to be intriguing enough to be adapted into a science fiction scenario, with the consideration of how similar the situation will be in the future when human interplanetary immigrants arrive on a new distant planet, a metaphor for the Hakka people. The story of conflict and cooperation between new immigrants, previous settlers, and original inhabitants possibly echo the collective memory of ethnic groups in eastern Asia. Furthermore, the sci-fi scenarios are expanded and adapted as a novel and manga in text and graphic form based on scientific knowledge, in keeping with the current transmedia trend in the entertainment industry.

Palavras-chave Technology art, Sci-fi, Intellectual property, ethnic history, Hakka.
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