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La industria del cine para adultos lidera los cambios tecnológicos del quehacer cinematográfico hacia la Inteligencia Artificial

Narce Dalia Ruiz Guzmán
Tec de Monterrey, México


This article aims to take a tour of the technological changes that have led the adult film industry. From the very creation of cinema, through the golden age of porn in the seventies; the transition from the projection of these films at the adult movie theaters to the privacy of the home with the appearance of home video. And the great boom that the arrival of the internet implied for this industry. In recent times, the concern about what Artificial Intelligence can do or not do for the cinema is one of the most embodied concerns in the industry, but adult cinema is already ahead and its experiences with Virtual Reality already offer fruits and what the new applications of artificial intelligence offer for the industry, are already being exploited. Despite the controversies and ethical debates surrounding the adult film industry, its influence on mainstream cinema cannot be ignored. From technological advances to distribution methods, storytelling techniques, and social attitudes, the adult film industry has catalyzed significant changes in the film industry as a whole. As cinema continues to evolve, it is important to recognize and understand the complex interplay between various genres and industries, acknowledging both the positive and negative aspects of their interactions.

Palavras-chave AI, GAN, VR, adult films, deep fake, porn, movie making.
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