Pautas y restricciones en el cine de no ficción contemporáneo.
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Cinema de não ficção
Documentário experimental
Revolução digital
Dispositivo de filme
Limitações Criativas



The present research address contemporary non-fiction films based on rules, restrictions or very specific devices. Radical video pieces in the form and its approach to “the real” that challenge the conventions of documentary film and are linked to other contemporary art practices. Our research focuses on those non-fiction works made in the last twenty years, a minor cinema with a minimalist vocation, linked to the avant-garde documentary, video art and video amateur, based on very precise patterns, not as a anecdotal fact, but as a basic element that determines the construction of them. The selection of the films will be made analysing the qualities they have to allow us to establish typologies of study and to define the basis of theoretical models of analysis. According to the technique or mechanism used, the qualities of the films we analyse can be constructed based on the seriality of their elements, the restriction of space-time, the technical-mechanical device used or the use of techniques or self-imposed patterns that serve to organise and give sense to the images of these films far from the narrative resources of conventional documentary. However, our purpose is not so much to carry out a classification exercise as to analyse and understand these innovative formulas that open up new ways in the film of the real.
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