Capítulo III _ Cinema - Comunicação

A linguagem sonora como qualidade narrativa no produto audiovisual

Ivaldo Moreira
Universidade de Aveiro | DECA; ID+ Instituto de Investigação em Design Media e Cultura, Portugal
Paulo Bernardino Bastos
Universidade de Aveiro | DECA; ID+ Instituto de Investigação em Design Media e Cultura, Portugal
N.º 14 (2023)
Publicado 2024-01-05


When we analyze the narrative quality of an audiovisual product, we are directly dealing with the quality of the sound language being used in that product in harmony with the quality of the visual language represented. That is, we are subjecting two great senses to the same technical and dramatic competence. We call the process of sound language quality ‘Sound Design’, which is the art of modifying sound through the process of manipulating and creating audio elements. The term has its origin in cinema, and more precisely in the 1970s from the “New Hollywood”. The expression refers to an american cinematographic movement that significantly renewed the technical and aesthetic production of the United States film industry. Its practice has expanded virtuously and its contributions have been adopted in multiple areas of entertainment and knowledgement, such as digital platforms for games and multimedia projects, in the production of audiovisual material, in industry, advertising and marketing in general. Analog and digital acoustic resources are used to build sound narratives with the aim of translating sensations, emotions and emphasizing activities in addition to reflecting mood, in a fluid and immersive process, which involves the adequacy of sonic components, composed of noise, narration, dialogues, silence, among others.

Palavras-chave Sound language, audiovisual product, sound design, narrative quality, sonic components.
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