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O espaço cénico como metáfora do ciclo de vida: análise do filme Carrossel

Mara João Cortesão
Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design (ESMAD), Portugal
N.º 14 (2023)
Publicado 2024-01-05


The purpose of this article is to reflect on the articulation of advertising and cinematographic strategies explored by the communication and entertainment group NOS, identified in the 2022 Christmas film Carrossel, and the way in which both symbolically produce the campaign message.
We are interested in uncovering the role of scenic space from a semiotic point of view, as well as the function of different advertising formats. We are interested in identified in the construction of the film.
In this sense, our intention is to explain the mechanisms that subliminally can serve to contribute to humanize the services of the brand. We will also dwell on the importance.
Of art direction in the relation to the characterization of the characters, focusing on their psychological important to study the expressive dimension present in this act of communication. That is, how the use of typical moments can accentuate a set of values that the brand intends to associate.
In addition to the aformentioned aspects, will try to uncover how the images of fantasy and human fragility that the film evokes can consolidate the purpose of the campaign message.

Palavras-chave Cenário, Direção de arte, Plano, Emoções, Guarda-roupa.
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