Capítulo III _ Cinema - Comunicação

A imagem em movimento numa escola de design

Noni Geiger
Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial, Brasil
Marcos Martins
Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial, Brasil
N.º 14 (2023)
Publicado 2024-01-05


Historically, the ‘dynamic image’ was linked to the teaching of design, although not in a prominent way, in the production and the curriculum of schools like the Bauhaus and the HfG-Ulm. In the curriculum of the School of Industrial Design (ESDI) - heir to the pedagogical conceptions of these German schools - the moving image appears in an incipient way, without a discipline exclusively dedicated to it. Despite this lack, a significant number of student projects show the relevance of this field in the School. This article explores the pedagogical implications of this production through two case studies: a graduation project carried out in 2020, and another, developed in an interaction design project discipline, in 2015. Through the examination of these two examples, we suggest, it is possible to recognize the pertinence of the effective inclusion of the moving image within a contemporary design pedagogy.

Palavras-chave Design and Art, Design Education, Gender Issues, Moving Image, Narrative and non-narrative.
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