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The Dynamic Aesthetics, Locality and Dehybrid Style of Hong Kong Cinema facing the Recovery of Post-Pandemic Period.

Chan Ka Lok Sobel
School of Communication, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, HKSAR


This paper examines the revitalization of Hong Kong cinema in the post-pandemic era, focusing on the dynamic aesthetics, preservation of locality, and the emergence of a dehybrid style. By analyzing various contemporary Hong Kong films, this paper argues that the post-pandemic recovery period has facilitated new creative possibilities and a reconnection to the region’s unique cultural identity. The study also takes into account the historical trajectory of Hong Kong cinema, the impact of the global pandemic on Hong Kong film industry, and the sociopolitical factors that have shaped the industry’s response to these challenges.

Palavras-chave Locality, Dehybrid Style, Dynamic Aesthetics, Post-pandemic era.
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