Capítulo III _ Cinema - Comunicação

Da conceção à implementação: Como a ‘Mostra Cinema Sem Conflitos’ inspirou a mudança nas escolas Açorianas

Ricardo Braga Silva
Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, ESPP, Portugal
José Alberto Rodrigues
ATE - Associação dos Trabalhadores da Educação
Ivan Roberto Gouveia
Universidade de Évora, ECS Portugal
N.º 14 (2023)
Publicado 2024-01-05


This paper reports on the emergence of the ‘Cinema Without Conflict Showcase’ (MCSC), which has already had two editions in 2021 and 2022. MCSC is a film showcase focused on conflict prevention and mediation in school environments. It is aimed at students between the ages of 12 and 18. The event, with free admission, has as its main objective to promote reflection on essential issues of coexistence in society. MCSC has a scientific research component, through the study of the issues that most affect young people today in schools. As a result, the themes are constantly changing and have so far covered: Environment, Love and Sexuality, Bullying, Social Dilemmas, Mental Illness, Drugs, Family, Gender, Racism, Interpersonal Relationships, Religion and Culture, and Violence. MCSC encourages the participation of all school communities in the best cultural facilities in the Azorean islands, promoting cultural inclusion and the democratic access to art. It also emphasizes the importance of discussion sessions moderated by experts in psychology and pedagogy, as they contribute significantly to working on the main areas of the National Strategy for Citizenship Education. The curation process and film selection will also be analyzed, taking into consideration criteria such as accessibility, duration, message, artistic quality, and universality. The future objectives of MCSC will be addressed, which include inviting film directors to participate, promoting a artistic exchange, but, above all, opening the possibility for dialogue with young people, explaining their motivations, a relevant aspect in the formation of future conscious and critical citizens.

Palavras-chave Cinema showcase, Schools, Students, Conflict Mediation, Citizenship.
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