Capítulo III _ Cinema - Comunicação

Cine a la escuela: Acercamiento a un modelo para el fortalecimiento de la educación y alfabetización audiovisual

Sebastian Chisaba Rojas
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Tatiana Sofia Lozano Brochero
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia


The comprehension of cinema, education and audiovisual literacy play a fundamental role in a society where we are constantly exposed to information via audiovisual media. Since, Cinema can be understood from different perspectives, it can be seen as an industry, as well as an art, but also as a form of communication. Communication is a crucial factor in the intellectual development as human beings, and as a globalized community.
This article recounts the process and development of an investigation and a pilot project, whose main objective is the approach to a model that allows to propose adequate spaces for the education of cinema and audiovisual arts, specially directed towards a young audience. Given that this kind of education is not mandatory in the public schools of Bogotá, the article seeks to propose a class that teaches the general characteristics of audiovisual language. In a way that can improve young student’s communication skills, as well as their critical thinking towards what they see on the screen. At the same time, this model works in parallel to promote the formation of instructed viewers in early stages of life, which would contribute to the development of the audiovisual and movie industry in Colombia.

Palavras-chave Education, Communication, School system, Cinema, Literacy.
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