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Le renouveau du cinéma indépendant Tunisien “Dachra” du réalisateur Abdelhamid Bouchnak

Maroua Médini
L’Ecole supérieure de l’Audiovisuel et du Cinéma de Gammarth (ESAC), Tunisie


Tunisian cinema has always been talked about.
It has always distinguished himself by his desire to dust, titillate and even shake codes and preconceived ideas. 
However, Tunisian filmmakers often face difficulties in obtaining financial aid. The rising costs of film production and the low depreciation capacity of the national market are another difficulty to overcome contributing largely to the scarcity of Tunisian movies.
 The country’s extensive structural changes since the revolution have contributed to the increase of the financial uncertainty in the various fields of activity and the field of film production is no exception. Nevertheless, more and more young Tunisian talents (the case of Abdelhamid Bouchnak is privileged within this article) militate to overcome stagnation and inaction, notably through the introduction of new financing methods and new ways of managing the creative process. 
A question is then legitimate: How Tunisia or more particularly Tunisian cinema (through these different actors and more precisely through this young generation) can accompany the global trend to allow the seeds of a revival to emerge and hatch?

Palavras-chave Tunisian independent cinema, revival, Dachra, new financing methods, young generation.
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