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El cine mexicano al final de la pandemia: Industria, nuevos hábitos de consumo, recortes presupuestales y políticas culturales

Fernando Moreno Suárez
Universidad Iberoamericana


Beyond the social, political and health consequences that the global Coronavirus pandemic left behind, the changes caused by the disease in the Mexican film industry are undeniable. If we add to this a new way of consuming audiovisual content, the growth of streaming platforms and the budget and public policy cuts that a new political party that came to power has implemented in the last 3 years, Mexican cinema faces new challenges to continue defending a reputation hard earned in the last two decades. With the disappearance of state support for production and the budget cut for the film industry by the Mexican Institute of Cinematography, the future and continuity of national cinema seems at risk.

Palavras-chave Mexican Cinema, Public policy, Cultural Industries, Pandemic, Production.
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