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In-depth analysis of challenges facing the movie industry in the pandemic era and its competition with VOD platforms

Amin Mokhtari
University of Tehran, Iran
Farzad Khoshnoodan
Tehran University of Art, Iran


After the covid-19 pandemic and its impact, the movie industry faced the challenge of theaters shutting down and the audience migrating to evergrowing VOD platforms. However, these problems seem to be the new normal of the industry and would still be a presiding presence even after returning to normalcy.
In this research, the production and distribution processes and the impact of the pandemic on them in the past two years have been analyzed. The study inspects the financial decline of the industry in the past few years compared to the massive growth of streaming services and how these numbers compare against each other, and what could be interpreted from them.
The research has been done to uncover how the covid-19 virus has acted as a disrupter to the industry, how it propelled innovation through unseen strategies, and how the film business could adapt and survive the growing changes with stress factors it faces. This paper tries to evaluate the shape of the movie industry in the post-corona era and how some changes will be a permanent staple of the field to adapt to the surge in VOD platforms and streaming services and the audience’s preference for the stay at-home movie experience.

Palavras-chave Cinema, Video on Demand, Post-corona Cinema, Online screening, Film Production.
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