Capítulo I _ Cinema – Arte

Cinema e cotidiano: Passeios e diálogos estéticos

Leonardo de Castro Soutelo
Universidade Santa Úrsula, Brasil
Débora Emanuelle Nascimento Lomba
Universidade Santa Úrsula, Brasil
N.º 14 (2023)
Publicado 2024-01-05


The present work is located in the area of psychology, starting from an interdisciplinary proposal of articulation between philosophy, cinema and communication; thought of as different ways of seeing the broader field of subjectivities. It proposes the discussion of the relationship between cinema and everyday life, through a method that articulates film analysis with the discussion of concepts. In this way, the reference to tours and dialogues is justified by this intention of a free circulation between films and concepts. As for the conceptual focus of the work, the notions of delicacy, becoming and possible will be developed here as aesthetic meanings. In fact, these three aesthetic meanings will be the operators of the article’s central hypothesis; namely, the idea of working the concept of everyday life from an aesthetic point of view. In this path, the work of author Gilles Deleuze stands out as a conceptual apparatus that helps both the debate around everyday life and the discussion about cinema. Regarding the latter, the notion of time-image – central in Deleuzian texts on cinema – brings to light some developments for this discussion around time. Finally, some comments will be made about possible research paths in light of what has been developed.

Palavras-chave Cinema, Everyday Life, Delicacy, Becoming, Possible.
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