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Cinema na escola e para além da escola

José da Silva Ribeiro
N.º 13 (2022)
Publicado 2022-09-21


Cinema has often represented school, it has often entered school to understand it, but also with its form and content. More recently, the democratization of technological means has led to creative practices in schools. In addition to school, from school age, cinema became interested in the outside of school in associations, film clubs and with senior people beyond work and in the creative occupation of free time. We propose to map cinema practices at school and beyond school and explore cinema practices for all from the perspective of an interdisciplinary and multimedia project in which it proposes to develop the creative process and the appropriation of narratives mediated by cinema and digital narratives together, of populations and communities involving all age states in associations, educational institutions of all levels and universities for the elderly, exploring mainly autobiographical narratives as a personal expression of the self and the contexts of their experiences and the pedagogical and therapeutic exploration of visual and sound creativity and audiovisual.

Palavras-chave Cinema e educação, Cinema e escola, Narrativas do eu, Criatividade visual, sonora e audiovisual.
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