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Montagem audiovisual transmidiática: uma reflexão sobre a montagem e o processo de criação da série The Walking Dead

Cecilia Salles
PUC-SP, Brasil
Samir Cheida
PUC-SP, Brasil
N.º 13 (2022)
Publicado 2022-09-21


With the purpose of reflecting on contemporary audiovisual production, this article will analyze the narrative strategies of a transmedia object from the point of view of editing theory. As a hypothesis, the article starts from the possibility that combinations of images and sounds from different media can build new meanings for the viewer. The transmedia story in question will be the tv series The Walking Dead (2010), by Frank Darabont and Robert Kirkman. The zombie tv series is a complex narrative universe that is distributed on television, in episodes on the web, in comics, in video games and in movies. The research aims to identify how editing can maintain continuity, a fundamental concept in cinematographic language, in the contents of The Walking Dead dispersed on multiplatforms and what new meanings arise when images and sounds of the transmedia content of The Walking Dead are juxtaposed. As a reference for analysis, we use the concepts of the research line “Creation processes in Communication and Culture” led by Cecilia Almeida Salles. The concepts of montage and the role of the editor are highlighted as fundamental elements for the elaboration of the fictional universe and the aesthetics of the zombie series and thus seen as part of the complex creation network of the transmedia system of The Walking Dead. In this way, this research proposes an update of editing theories with the inclusion of transmedia storytelling as a driver of new relations between image and sound. In this way, the article proposes an update of the editing theories with the inclusion of Transmedia storytelling as a driver for new audiovisual relations

Palavras-chave Edição, Montagem, Transmedia, Processo de criação, Série de TV.
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