From the maloca to the screen. Narrative connections between the oral tradition of Múrui-Muina amazonian community and interactive audiovisual content.
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Narrativas ancestrais
tradição oral
narrativas audiovisuais interactivas



The Uitoto community of the Colombian Amazon have used stories as a central axis of their culture and survival, using stories in different forms that have been passed from generation to generation, with the belief that the word is healing and world-creating. Stories have been told in different formats, times and genres but have a special purpose; connecting the past and the future to create a new reality.
From this study, the potential of the indigenous narratives of the Muinane people to be adapted in interactive audiovisual productions is highlighted, through a content and structural analysis of five Eikɨ, which are riddle-songs used during the autochthonous rituals of the Múrui-Muina.
Particularly, the Eikɨ used during the ball game ceremony, collected and translated by researcher Laura Areiza Serna (Ayaɨngo), are examined in her research Eikɨ jɨkanote: preguntar por el canto-adivinanza. Recognizing a close relationship between Eikɨ with some interactive audiovisual pieces such as video games or interactive movies.
The result of this research shows the narrative richness of the Múrui-Muina that in its variety can influence interactive narratives. Taking indigenous knowledge and advances outside the limits of their territory and language, transforming and inspiring interactive audiovisual content that preserves the indigenous word.
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