Capítulo IV _ Cinema - Tecnologia

Cinematographic ecosystem of the city and transfer with new technologies.

Eusebio Alonso-García
Universidad de Valladolid. E.T.S. de Arquitectura
Sara Pérez-Barreiro
Universidad de Valladolid. E.T.S. de Arquitectura
Iván Rincón-Borrego
Universidad de Valladolid. E.T.S. de Arquitectura


Who hasn’t ever toured a treasure map? Even, many will have drawn it, incorporating data, information, references of the territory, keys, in short, to follow a route. Every treasure map was drawn by someone whose intention was to transfer the route to someone else to reach the final treasure through an informational procedure that today we would call geolocation.
We are currently developing a computer application for mobile (App), which will be operational in July 2022, so that, in individual or group visit, you can practice screen tourism, using geolocation systems, and discover the Cinematographic Ecosystem of our city, Valladolid, where cinemas, many already disappeared, and films shot there interweave a history of material and immaterial culture powerful linked to cinema.
We have produced the necessary information for this (texts, plans, maps, renders, infographics, edits, story-telling, image retrieval, movies fragments) to feed the database, which we have called FilmcityDB, which will support the App, which we have called CineMAPP. The user experience of the possible routes of this ecosystem will allow access and enjoy the cinematographic history of the city of the last century and face some reflections on cinema, media and new technologies, such as the relationships between the physical and the virtual, the understanding of time and the dialogue between past and present, the immaterial culture and the new technologies and the reactivation of the past through new practices from the cinema and the digital technology.

Palavras-chave Ecossistema cinematográfico, transferência, tecnologia, App, turismo.
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