Capítulo III _ Cinema - Comunicação

Matrix e o Mito do Herói: abordagens críticas sobre a escola contemporânea

Verônica Valério Santos
Secretaria de Estado de Educação do Distrito Federal, Brasil
N.º 13 (2022)
Publicado 2022-09-21


This article proposes a dialogue between the fictional world of the movie The Matrix (1999) and contemporary life that has repercussions on the microcosm of the school. The Matrix is ​​a trace of postmodern philosophy, with references to different mythologies, allusions to Socrates, Plato and Pythagoras, to Western and Eastern sacred scriptures, to the Hegelian dialectic, to Psychoanalysis, among other literary and metaphysical references. Cinema as a catalytic, transgressive and avant-garde art has always acted as a harbinger of the technological, aesthetic and behavioral movements that took place in the history of humanity and that defined post-Modernity. From the cinematographic language of The Matrix, through the existential trajectory of the character Neo, in his Hero’s Journey, it intends to understand the experience of the contemporary individual in the real and virtual universe, in parallel to the fictional world of The Matrix, a mere illusion created by a software. Considering the multiculturalism of the world dynamics, marked by aesthetic agglutinations and hybrids, it is also intends to understand the means of formation of the networks of perceptions and sensoriality of our students and how these processes affect the construction of their social, political identities, cultural and educational. In addition, it aims to identify the school’s contribution in the stage of articulation and interaction between curricular parameters and knowledge constituted in the digital universe, demarcated by the media and social networks, in order to glimpse the role of the teacher, in the face of pedagogical mediation.

Palavras-chave Cinema, Tecnologias, Contemporaneidade, Escola, Identidade.
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