Capítulo III _ Cinema - Comunicação

Comunicação feita a partir de uma animação de sombras

Sílvia R. B. Pinto
Laboratório de Investigação em Design e Artes (LIDA) Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD CR), Portugal
N.º 13 (2022)
Publicado 2022-09-21


This work aims to reflect the set of practices applied to the development of a project within the scope of thcurricular unit of Introduction to Project Thinking, of the Graphic Design and Multimedia degree. From the poem to the form, he refers to possibility, which associates Design methodologies with the creative process of producing a short film based on the animation of Chinese shadows. In this context, the fundamental axis discussed here was the intersection between text, creativity and communication design, noting that, as Barthes (2009: 67) tells us, regarding typology, “writings are opposed to or are engendered”. It is precisely in this territory of historical and cultural mutations that we perceive both time and contexts, which are sometimes of convergence, sometimes of divergence. However, nowadays, we perceive the importance of dialogue between the different parties, in dynamics, which enhance the construction of new scenarios. Emphasizing here the innovative contribution that arises from the interdisciplinary intersection.

Palavras-chave Cinema, Comunicação, Design Thinking, Criatividade, Sombras Chinesas.
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