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Encontros e Desencontros: Imagens do “deslugar” no cinema contemporâneo

Beatriz Alcici
Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná, Brasil
N.º 13 (2022)
Publicado 2022-09-21


This research seeks to analyze the theme of deslugar-displace (FISCHER, S.) as seen in contemporary cinema, to discuss the concept and allow interpretations and analyses concerning the issue. We understand that the situation of deslugar-displace can be understood as a “state” of polarization between the opposite extremes, in which the subject displaced would be immersed in a permanent state of inadequacy, “non-belonging” and oscillation, entering in a kind of “state of anestesia”. The corpus selected for the research is composed of the following films to be contrasted and comparatively analyzed: Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola, USA, 2003), Somewhere (Sofia Coppola, USA, 2010), Her (Spike Jonze, USA, 2013). The deslugar/displace, being timeless and psychic-intellect-emotional in the scope of human relationships and consequently of socio-communicational practices (FISCHER, 2011), aesthetically presents itself, it seems to us, in a particular way in the indicated filmic universes – outlining subjectivities, punctuating social practices that are sometimes unusual, and producing discourses and peculiar meaning effects.

Palavras-chave Deslugar/Displace, Sofia Coppola, Spike Jonze, Cinema Contemporâneo, Anestesia.
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