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Formas de Insubordinação Cinematográfica aos Mitos da Maternidade: método, pesquisa e inventário

Roberta Veiga
UFMG, Brasil
N.º 13 (2022)
Publicado 2022-09-21


When did the woman stop being a mother once? How long will the myths of the selfless mother and the bad mother, constructed by a patriarchal and racist structure, prevent the inventive and dialectical experience of motherhood? Seeking to answer such demands of feminism, we bet on cinema as a device of elaboration and sharing, of resistance and insubordination, to the images of control that define oppressive motherhood. Therefore, we present less of our research than the process of motivating its construction, and the first exercise to deal with this subject. In other words, based on the steps, theoretical and political assumptions and the methodological path, we expose the initial proposal of a research that intends to compose an inventory of films capable of, in their relationships, showing multiple and singular ways of mothering.

Palavras-chave Filme feminino, Feminismo materno, Racismo, Imagens de controlo, Pesquisa de inventários.
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