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EFEMERA Imagem - Exibição AudioVisual FullDome

Matheus Moreno dos Santos Camargo
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brasil
Andreia Machado Oliveira
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brasil
N.º 13 (2022)
Publicado 2022-09-21


This article communicates impressions about the series of events EFEMERA Imagem - FullDome AudioVisual Exhibition, reflecting from its organization with LabInter (UFSM), to its in person at the UFSM Planetarium or in a Virtual Reality environment with online access. Launching perceptions of curatorship, expography and artistic experiences, with appreciation of immersive audiovisual works for fulldome cinema, produced by artists from different countries, displayed in video projection inside the vaulted architecture or on other surfaces. EFEMERA Imagem aims to experiment with new methods of immersive/interactive cultivation and enjoyment of visual music works. Investigating the expansion of communicational processes, it brings up synesthetic sensations. It aims to establish new relationships between the public (general and researchers), the media (works and technologies) and the environment (physical, architectural or virtual). The audiovisual works presented usually have shared authorship, arising from collaborative creative processes that explore different languages ​​and technologies. In this sense, EFEMERA Imagem encourages the development of new local projects for fulldome, aiming at its fruition, opening space for the circulation of other works, national and international. Thus, it promotes global networks of cooperation, strengthening partnerships between artists, institutions and research groups in Art and Technology.

Palavras-chave Arte, Tecnologia, Fulldome, Audiovisual, EFEMERA.
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