Capítulo I _ Cinema – Arte

Cinematic Experience as Spatial Perception: Remembering the Remembrance

Derya Yıldız
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


Architecture, designs experiences through movements and materials to explore and expand the memory. Cinema mirrors these experiences, by representing the architecture in movies. Alain Resnais’s film Last Year at Marienbad stems from this relationship between the notions of time, space and memory. The approach of this puzzling film, problematized the space-time relation by questioning the reliability of memory and opened room to raise questions about spatial perception: How do we perceive the perception of time and space in films? How can that ambiguous relation between time and space be translated in spatial terms? In this paper, these questions will be discussed in the scope of this film through a close reading with the inquiries of Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze with their inter-disciplinary perspectives in order to extend this inter-sensory interval. As a conclusion, the interaction of this relation will be reviewed.

Palavras-chave Arquitectura, Cinema, Duração, Memória, Percepção.
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