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The Team Using Video Games To Help Fight Climate Change

Marc Rigaudis
Jiwe Interactive Limited, Kenya
Max Musau
Jiwe Interactive Limited, Kenya


Extracts of the interview of Max Musau and Marc Rigaudis by Faustine  Ngila Nation Newspaper Nairobi KENYA   
 … Max Musau, former head of innovation at United States International University Africa (USIU) in Nairobi and Marc Rigaudis former Film Production director at the same university have teamed up to develop a video game to get the conversation of climate change and futurism active -- even among the young.
Dubbed Jiwe Studios, the online game downloadable from the web is the meeting point of literature and technology, equipping children with digital skills as they play a game based on the current geo-political happenings, where Africa has become the battleground.
… In Marc Rigaudis’s screenplay titled Usoni (Swahili for ‘the future’), he paints a picture of a Global North ravaged by the effects of climate change, forcing populations to seek refuge in the Global South – Africa.
In his 160-page piece of art, Ophelia, the protagonist, initially from the El-Molo community in Kenya, runs away from her Paris home, and starts to trace her way back to her motherland...
In an apocalyptic vision in 2063, Rigaudis foresees that Europe is covered by a black cloud and the sun has disappeared. Following a chain of catastrophes mainly caused by human abuse, Mother Nature reacts in a grand finale with all the volcanoes erupting, blocking the sun, blocking life. People from the North have to escape to the South, to Africa, where the sun still shines. 
A pure analogy with what is happening nowadays with many Africans trying to cross the Mediterranean sea and too often losing their life because the African sun which burns their skin is not shining for them! A replica of what is happening now but in complete reverse.

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