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Transposição de conteúdo fulldome para mídia plana motivado por medidas sanitárias decorrentes da pandemia de COVID-19

Maurício Silva Gino
UFMG, Brasil
Vitor Amaro Lacerda
UFMG, Brasil
Kayke Quadros Carvalho
UFMG, Brasil
N.º 12 (2021)
Publicado 2021-10-25


Belonging to the Circuito Liberdade, which brings together cultural spaces in Belo Horizonte - Brazil, the Espaço do Conhecimento UFMG is a museum that aims to promote scientific and cultural dissemination. Since 2010 it houses a long-term exhibition, temporary exhibitions, an astronomical terrace and a planetarium, with optical-mechanical and digital projectors. Throughout its ten years of existence, the Espaço do Conhecimento UFMG has been producing immersive content for the planetarium that go beyond themes focused on astronomy. Within this context, and motivated by the repeated socio-environmental crimes committed by mining companies in Minas Gerais, the documentary “Inconfidências” was produced, which aimed to offer a critical discussion about mining activity in the State. Based on a historical analysis, experts and environmentalists evaluate the impacts of mining, the recurrent criminal disasters, and propose a reflection on the future of activity. With a premiere date scheduled for May 2020 at the Espaço do Conhecimento UFMG planetarium, Inconfidências remains unprecedented in hemispheric projections, since the planetarium was closed to the public in March 2020 due to sanitary issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, without reopening prevision. So, the documentary was adapted for projection on flat screens and officially launched on 12/11/2020 as part of the commemorative events for the ten years anniversary of Espaço do Conhecimento UFMG, and made available on its Youtube channel. This article deals with the transposition of the original fulldome format of the documentary to its flat version, allowing a reflection on the challenges and solutions found in this process.

Palavras-chave Conteúdo de Planetário, Fulldome, Flat media, Espaço do Conhecimento UFMG, Inconfidências.
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