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The audiovisual mobilizing object: YouTube, Colombia National Strike 2019

María Gabriela Pabón Hernández
Universidad Nacional de Colombia


The purpose of this work is to review the dialectical relationship between El noticiero de RCN Colombian public television channel and independent journalism published on YouTube, specifically the case of the opinion column La Pulla of the newspaper El espectador, the project conducted an analysis of material referring to the National Strike both of the RCN channel and the column, taking into account the political-social situation of the country. The research methodology was based on the case study during the end of 2019. A review of the theory of social movements and their implications was conducted. At the same time, it appealed to the postulates of journalism itself. It is concluded that the audiovisual can be implemented as a mobilizing object that has enormous potential not only for collective manipulation, but also for social revolutions. This makes it a political trigger that, following Puttnam (1998), has a powerful influence on society.

Palavras-chave Audiovisual, Influência, La pulla, Movimento social, Política.
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