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Pedagogical uses of the media, approach to a transmedia education

Andres Mauricio Villalba Cruz
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Bogotá (Colombia)


Authors such as Robinson (2010) make one of the problems of traditional education evident by pointing out that while students’ attention decreases due to boredom, other media obtain it as a result. On the other hand, according to Jenkins (2006a), good transmedia franchises attract a large audience by presenting content in different ways through different media. To this extent, this article has as a starting point to ask about the possibilities that the convergence between education and transmedia narratives brings with it, with the aim of analyzing the relationships between these two fields. The postulates of Robinson (2009, 2010), Scolari (2009, 2011, 2013) and Jenkins (2006, 2009, 2016) on education, school boredom, transmedia narrative and participatory culture are taken as central axes. For this, three cases that account for these links were studied, these are: LobiAventura, Guardianes y Desarmados; All three are born in Colombia and are aimed at primary and secondary students, belonging to different age groups. The research includes an analysis of the relationships between case studies, participatory culture, and school boredom. The analysis could indicate that the format allows to reach experientially areas that traditional education does not usually cover. In addition, the transmedia strategy could be presented as something innovative, different and interesting to students trapped by the traditional educational model, since it could cooperate in the face of school boredom.

Palavras-chave Pedagogia dos Média, Cultura Participativa, Entediamento Escolar, Educação Transmédia, Narrativa Transmédia.
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