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Game of Thrones, The non-canon of the Hays Code’s

Matías López Iglesias
Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes


In this paper, we aesthetically analyze how the TV series Game of Thrones deals with crimes, sexuality, religion along with other topics. The methodology consists of the referenced contrast of the series confronting it in the Hays Code. The story telling is first and foremost a production value for the Hollywood industry. First obligation is to be entertained. No matter how morally the characters are reprehensible, they fulfil a nar-rative function above established paradigms. The morality of the Pre-Code sought to discern good and evil is blurred by being contrasted with the current panorama of tele-vision. Game of Thrones deals with controversial issues in order to seduce the audi-ence in order to create a televised canon.

Palavras-chave Canon, Código Hays, Violência, Sexo, Séries, Televisão.
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