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Contribution of written publications to the dissemination and development of cinema: The Cahiers du Cinéma (1951-1959)

Sebastian Chisaba Rojas
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia


Cinema has been built around the work of great directors. It was also built because of the writings that have been generated by studying the material produced since the invention of the cinematograph. This has allowed the advancement of theoretical and academic studies where cinema has been conceived as an art that transcends the audiovisual. In 1951 the Cahiers du Cinéma were created, a series of periodical publications, with great importance for French cinematography and the world in general, given the influence of their written articles.
Through a bibliographic review and a case study of the impact of the Cahiers du Cinéma, it is intended to determine not only the features central to these publications, but also their value in French cinematography in the 1950s, emphasizing in their theoretical essays. This article aims to show the importance of written publications for the development and dissemination of cinema as an art that goes beyond the screens. Seeking to show the impact that the theory of La Mise en scène “Staging” and La politique des auteurs “The politics of authors” had in the exercise of written and audiovisual production in other countries of the world.

Palavras-chave Cahiers du Cinéma, Revista de Cinema, Jornalismo, Influência Estilística, Difusão Cinematográfica.
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