Capítulo III _ Cinema - Comunicação

Body on screen: Visuality of dance practices in media during the pandemic

Ana Sedeño-Valdellós
Universidad de Málaga, España


After the COVID-19 pandemic confinement a new visuality has emerged in dance’s works, the result of certain trends that have given rise to a growing need for physical exercise and entertainment together. Video artists and choreographers have developed strategies to give alternatives to the practice of dancing during the lockdown: a visual form of representing the body has emerged in the media. Both professionals and amateurs will continue to explore technology to share their works, their classes and all kinds of games and straight. In them, a new visual of the body can be found dancing that has definite features. Split-screen with collective choreographies, tutorials that were part of straight lines, spontaneous creation, memes and viralization of all kinds of dance works are some of the practices that will be described and analyzed.

Palavras-chave Videodança, Corpo na arte contemporânea, Covid-19, Arte em tempos de pandemia, Estudos visuais.
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