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Um Duplo Olhar Sobre As Imagens Animada e Filmada

Eliane Gordeeff
Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas-Artes, Centro de Investigação e de Estudos em Belas-Artes (CIEBA), Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas-Artes, Portugal / Universidade Veiga de Almeida, Brasil
N.º 12 (2021)
Publicado 2021-10-25


This paper aims to analyze the dichotomy between the filmed (live-action) and animated images: the daily and night aspects of the images proposed by Gilbert Durand. This look comes from a study on real and animated images, presented in the doctoral thesis “The Representation of the Diegetic Imaginarium by Animation in Live-action Cinema” (2018). In this thesis, based on the concepts of “cool and hot media” from “Understanding Media” (McLuhan, 1964), one considers Animation a Cool medium, while live-action a Hot medium. Therefore, as McLuhan’s work looks at the image dichotomy from the communication domain, it is possible to complete the analysis on this axis through the concepts of Durand’s image. Thus, these concepts start directly from the imaginary studies. The methodology for such an analytical development is the case studies about films that use animated images to represent a part of their narratives. Analyzing them, considering these images by both aspects: in the field of communication (Hot and Cool Media), and the imaginary (daily and night aspect of the image). These analyses are a complementary look to the one presented in the thesis, along with they offer a double look to the study of the Audiovisual image.

Palavras-chave Cool and Hot Media, Imagens diurnas e nocturnas, Gilbert Durand, Marshall McLuhan, Imagem animada, Live-action image.
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