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Why do I live here? - Documentary essay on Chinese immigration in Spain

Yuying Song
Universitat Politècnica de València,España


In a society where immigrants are mainly male, what does it mean to emigrate for a woman? Will your identity be affected after the migration? Through the exploration and recording of a particular case, we will reflect on immigration as a global phenomenon. This work consists in the realization of a documentary presented in a video installation and accompanied by a theoretical foundation.The documentary aims to understand the main causes and consequences that, seven years ago, led Chen Yiyi, a young woman from NanChang (China), to emigrate to Spain. By recording his daily life and dialogue with it, the documentary proposes to approach his daily life to learn more about his motivations and purposes. Why did you choose to live in a country with such a different language, culture and life habits? Was life in Spain as it was imagined?

Palavras-chave Documentário, Imigração, China, Género, Vídeo-instalação.
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