Capítulo II _ Cinema - Cinema

A Transpessoalidade na Escola: novas abordagens subjetivas da Pedagogia do Cinema

Verônica Valério Santos
Secretaria de Estado de Educação do Distrito Federal – Brasil
N.º 12 (2021)
Publicado 2021-10-25


Cinema as a universal art provides the construction of the historical, critic, aesthetic and philosophical knowledge. It represents, with the cross-disciplinary aesthetics of teaching, a real possibility of development of the cultural education by allowing us to understand the subjectivity of social life, within a worldview that commonly resonates in the school universe. In this study, it is aimed to understand, in experiential terms, how the pedagogical application of cinema could impact in Youth & Adult Education (EJA), by addressing the experience of a pedagogical intervention carried out with students in the capital of Brazil. Thus, one of the challenges of this project is to mediate a cross-cultural dialogue at curricular level, in compliance with the perspectives of Brazil’s Education Law (LDB, BRAZIL, 2013), in a way that those knowledges already constituted in the curriculum can be conciliated with elements of cultural diversity of these students, by means of cross-disciplinarity of cinema. With the purpose of an education of sensibility towards the construction of more healthy, harmonious and cooperative relations, aiming the personal and collective betterment of a culture of peace, a didactic method based on transpersonal psychology is also implemented.

Palavras-chave Cinema, Educação, Diversidade, Transdisciplinaridade, Abordagens Transpessoais.
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