Capítulo II _ Cinema - Cinema

Cinema documental contemporâneo, técnica e sociedade: Implicações sociológicas e culturais.

Gilmar Santana
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil
N.º 10 (2019)
Publicado 2019-10-14


Frames of spots, cuts and movements, are important parts of the world cinematographic language. This cinematographic structure, reveals the intrinsic mixture of technical characteristics with the narrative wishes from the creative view of the filmmaker and the thematic issues which has been approached. In documentary cinema, these aspects come up because of cultural, political and ideological interests of the engaged authors in some social causes. The marketing purposes that currently dialogue with this kind of documentaries have created new forms of production and perception. From a comparative of two documentaries from different nationalities about artistic personalities such as “Amy”, by Asif Kapadia (England, EUA, 2015) and “Chico, Brazilian artist” by Miguel Faria Jr (Brazil, 2015) deals with different phases of life, of Amy Winehouse and Chico Buarque de Hollanda, these documentaries aim to focus on sociological expressions that arise from this process in these both contemporary documentaries.

Palavras-chave Cinema, Cultura, Documentário, Imagem, Sociedade.
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