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The place of literature adaptation in Afghan cinema

Abbas mohammadi
Amiri Publications, Afghanistan


Literature entered this art from the beginning of the invention of cinema. When we study the history of cinema, we come across a large number of films adapted from literature. This shows that literature and cinema are mixed. Cinema and literature are two inseparable pairs because cinema has needed and will need literature and drama in all periods of its development. In principle, it can be said that cinema has no meaning without literature. In all countries there are native stories and original stories that screenwriters use to write their screenplays. Adaptation is a way to produce films from short and long stories, legends, novels, plays and ancient works of the countries of the world. When one looks at movies adapted from stories and novels, we see that most of the adaptations have been dramatically successful. At least in terms of storytelling, they have been able to satisfy their audience. But in Central Asian countries, especially in Afghanistan, adaptation has been very poor. Afghan screenwriters are more committed to original screenplays and have made less effort to adapt to literature. Cinema can never be separated from literature because half of the cinema that is drama is taken from literature. It should not be forgotten that every film that is made is an adaptation of the natural world and the world around us. Literature is essentially a drama about what is happening around us. Cinema can make it a tangible image. But when filmmakers want to adapt from literature, they focus on the events of the story instead of getting more meaning, which leads to the failure of cinema to adapt to literature. This is the situation in Afghan cinema, which has led to the failure of adaptation in Afghan cinema.

Palavras-chave Cinema, Literatura, Afeganistão, Drama, Argumento.
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