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Jornada nas Estrelas: feminismo e identidade no caso de Nyota Uhura

Mauricio Mario Monteiro
Faculdade Cásper Líbero, Brasil
Ricardo Tsutomu Matsuzawa
Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Brasil
N.º 12 (2021)
Publicado 2021-10-25


The series Star Trek helped to change the imagination of generations of young people, discussing equality should be placed as a daily practice. This article proposes an initial analysis of the effectiveness of the character of Nichelle Nichols in the television series Star Trek. His character is Lieutenant Nyota Uhura who, a black woman protagonist and in the hierarchy of command of the series. This is a study of the first version of the television series (1966-69) that addresses the issue of black women in the United States through the creation of Gene Roddenberry. The point here is to understand the impacts through the character and the series and not to do an in-depth study of feminism or racism.

Palavras-chave Star trek, TV, Séries de TV, Identidade, Racismo.
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