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«Pain and Glory», Pedro Almodovar and how not to repeat ourselves

Paulina Stephani Hernández Ríos
Université Paris VIII, France
Jean-Pierre Marcos
Université Paris VIII, France


In this article we will explore the film «Dolor y Gloria» by the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, as a psychoanalytic process of cure of Almodovar himself. From Freudian psychoanalysis, we will see how the main character (Salvador Mallo) manages to get rid of what Freud calls «the compulsion of repetition, going through different stages of the psychoanalytic cure, from denial to emancipation through the word. Also, we will analyze the concept of «screen-memories» that is present in multiple sequences of this film. Additionally, we will study fragments of interviews given by Almodovar about « Dolor y Gloria » in order to analyze the cathartic in this film.

Palavras-chave Psicanálise, Almodóvar, Freud, Catarse.
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