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Italian Identities – Stories and Memories of the Community

Marcello Zeppi
Montecatini Cinema Association, Italy


The definition of Cultural Worker has changed over the years, and today this definition coincides mainly with historians and researchers of Community Life.
With the project “Italian Identities - Stories and Memories of a Community” we want to undertake an action of shared responsibility necessary to overcome the negative effects of the pandemic.
The aim, therefore, is not simply the realization of an audio-visual product (documentary), but to redefine and enhance the life of the Community and the ability to educate with concrete examples.
In this way it becomes easier to write the script of a documentary that investigates the historical, cultural and anthropological aspects of a community.
We want to achieve two main objectives. First of all, we aim to enhance the popular tradition of oral storytelling, creating a story of identity that puts citizens at the centre. Secondly, we aim to show and talk about the places where the community meets, such as social clubs and voluntary associations.
The project will combine stories of yesterday and today, producing an exchange of empathy that goes beyond time, geographical boundaries and generations. The words will become a moment of encounter between history and contemporaneity. The words, but also the faces and expressions that, as an intangible universal language, allow us to glimpse the infinite horizon of emotional exchange within a community and the roots of its origin.

Palavras-chave Cinema, Documentário, Património Italiano, Comunidade, Identidade Social.
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