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Homebound Documentaries: A Reflection upon the Significance of Self-reflexive Cinema in the Digital Age

Nikbanoo Ardalan
The University of Sydney, Australia


Homebound documentaries consist of self-reflexive autobiographical works of cinema that do not pertain to traditional film conventions and thus do not fit the traditional definition of a film. These productions are primarily home based and address stories concerned with the challenges of their directors as they take part in daily life activities which is quite similar to the content matter of video blogs shared online. The self-reflexive component of these non-films has a significant similarity to the format of digital audiovisual content that is shared on social media platforms as they invite the audience to engage in critical thought and interact with their narrative. The following paper will discuss these ideas based on the analysis of Jafar Panahi’s This Is Not a Film (2011) and Chantal Akerman’s No Home Movie (2015).

Palavras-chave Auto-reflexividade, Cinema digital, Convenções de cinema, Documentário autobiográfico, Vlog.
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