The end of cinema as we know it.
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Inteligência Artificial
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This essay poses the theoretical possibility of the end of cinema (probably by the end of this century). With these words, it is meant that in the near future, the cinema, that is to say, the film industry, the films, the movie theatres, will disappear or will change in the way we know it. To support this thesis there are (at least) the following arguments and circumstances: the pseudo-hedonism in modern society, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the alteration of neuronal structures and therefore, the alteration of human rhythms in perceiving reality, the political and environmental changes in the planet. This will, in turn, open to some new other possibilities such as new devices for viewing, new entertainment industries, and even, perhaps, a new society. So, one may ask if it will be just a transformation in the way we see movies or really the end of cinema as we know it?
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