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A censura ao cinema em Portugal. Filmes proibidos e cortados pela Comissão de Censura (1945-1952)

Cristina Batista Lopes
CEIS20 Universidade de Coimbra Portugal
N.º 12 (2021)
Publicado 2021-10-25


The creation of effective methods and organizations in the defense of the interests of power ensured the improvement and effectiveness of Oliveira Salazar and Marcello Caetano’s regime, as well as their support in Portugal for 48 years. The control of public opinion was largely made through the regulation of shows. Organizations responsible for monitoring, inspecting, analyzing, cutting, prohibiting or approving theatrical and cinematographic contents have been established. In 1945, the first organization responsible for censoring shows was created, the Censorship Commission, which remained with that designation until 1952, the year in which it received the name of Censorship Commission for Shows. Finally, in 1957, it underwent the last change, and became known as the Commission for the Examination and Classification of Shows and remained so until 1974. Based on the analysis of the minutes of the first Censorship Commission (1945-1952), the purpose of this communication is to disclose the films that were subject to classification and censorship during the term of this Commission; to present the results that refer to the approval and disapproval of national and foreigner films, focusing mainly on data relating to Portuguese films, and prohibited movies also analyzing the functioning and performance of the Censorship Commission since its origin, with regard to the deliberations relating to classified film.

Palavras-chave Comissão de censura, Censura Cinematográfica, Filmes Aprovados, Filmes Desaprovados, Cinema Português.
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