Capítulo II _ Cinema - Cinema

Experimental Animated Engraving: Technical Creation and Aesthetic Simulation

M. Ángeles López Izquierdo
Universitat Politècnica de València, España


Experimental animation is developping in festivals, demonstrations and exhibitions and it is closely joined to the graphic, pictorical, musical and photographical productions. Definitively it is used as artistic expression medium. Therefore we should see animation as a new support of broadcasting the work, according to the new ways of seeing and understanding the world and the needs of the society. Analyzing this new support we discover that the techniques employed are so different and diverse like the artists self that use them, finding between them techniques like painting or engraving, both possessors of a wide range of procedures and outcomes.
Focussing our attention on engraving, we discover that, for a group of experimental animators, this is the base for their produccions. Some of them influenced by the pioneers Len Lye en Norman McLaren, use the technique in its purest essence, some others use their aesthetics and characteristics as a starting point in order to develop their productions along with other techniques.
Engraving offers the possibility of working with different techniques attending to his mould and printing, considering the technical procedures, the printing methodes and the manipulation and intervention of the printings as a wide range of new possibilities.

Palavras-chave Animação, Gravação, Criação, Técnica, Estética.
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