Sobre Educação, Arte e Vídeoarte: rupturas, resiliência e práticas de ensino/aprendizagem na sala de aula.


Ensino / Aprendizagem


This study first approaches the history of the observer’s gaze, that is, as observers, we are forming or constructing our way of visualizing moving images. Secondly, it reaffirms the importance and need of resistance of the teaching / learning of Art as a compulsory curricular component for high school. Finally, the third part reports an experience with video art production in a class of first year high school students, establishing an interrelationship between theory and practice, that is, we study video art content to reach the production of videos, aiming as a final result, the art videos created by the students of the Reference Center in Environmental Education Forest School Prof. Eidorfe Moreira High School. The first and second stages of this research share a theoretical part of the Master ‘s thesis, Making films on the Island: audiovisual production as an escape line in Cotijuba, periphery of Belem, completed in 2013.
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